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An Online Tool for Offline Community

Today, Grace & Truth on The City is launching! There will be a kiosk available before and after our worship gathering for everyone in attendance to join. The City is a web-based networking tool specifically designed to help us get connected, build community, and organize church life.

Just so we’re clear, The City is NOT a system that only tech-savvy people can use (if you’ve ever sent an email, you can start using The City). It’s also NOT a replacement for real face-to-face communication. The City is a tool to help us build community, not replace it. Nor is it necessarily intended to replace other online social networking sites you might use (Facebook, Twitter, etc.).

It’s our desire that The City will be used to create and strengthen relationships within the body, grow us to love God and others more, aid in church-wide communication, and build community and personal ministry on a daily basis. Each community group will have its own space for sharing needs, prayer requests, and for generally staying in touch during the week. Your leaders will be inviting you into these groups over the next several days. In addition, each ministry of Grace & Truth is encouraged to begin utilizing this tool for organization, mentoring, and discussion.

Thanks for joining The City, and pray with us for God to use this technology much in our lives for His glory!

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