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Gospel Coalition 2011: Recommended messages

This will be a short post;  I figure if I keep on waiting for the perfect blog post to form, I’ll never post it.  So bear with me please (as you do so lovingly, GTBC family). In mid-April, Lisa and I were able to go to the Gospel Coalition National Conference in Chicago.  The theme […]



Micro-managing a Marriage

What is the impact to a marriage when one partner micro-manages the other?   What does it communicate to our spouse and our children? This blog article by Pastor Bob Bixby was a convicting read for me this weekend. Here’s an excerpt: I marvel at the control-freakishness of men who dictate the details of their wives’ […]



Calvin: “And God Remembered Noah”

In the message on Sunday, Feb 6, 2011 titled “Flood of Contrasts”, we talked about Genesis 8:1.  The text says that as the ark floated upon the waters that “God remembered Noah.”   This didn’t mean that God had forgotten about Noah.  I found this passage from John Calvin’s Commentary on Genesis 1 (available on […]



Fifty Fruits of Pride

One of the more useful, convicting blog articles I’ve read in some time.  I encourage you to find some time to read through these “self-diagnostic” questions to see where you might be prone to pride.  It’s such an insidious sin that I think many of us commit this sin without knowing (or perhaps caring) that […]



From 9Marks: How Members Can Serve the Church on Sundays

I’ve been blessed by reading the book The Trellis and the Vine. 9Marks is hosting a workshop in Washington DC led by the authors of this book. From the 9Marks blog: Colin Marshall shared ways that ordinary church members can serve the church on Sunday mornings. Before the Service * Read the passage in advance […]



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