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Confessions of a weak minister

It’s not hard to love the gifted ball player- unless you happen to play 2nd string on his team. It’s not hard to love the talented violinist, unless you happen to be second chair. It’s not hard to love the brilliant academic, unless you are her dyslexic sister. It is hard to love gifted people […]



Gen 3:16; “Your desire shall be for your husband”

On January 16, we preached through Genesis 3.  (Unfortunately, we had technical difficulties with that recording and we’re unable to post the sermon.)  In that message and in our community groups that week, many of us discussed the results of the fall and the implications to the serpent, the woman and the man. If I […]



An Online Tool for Offline Community

Today, Grace & Truth on The City is launching! There will be a kiosk available before and after our worship gathering for everyone in attendance to join. The City is a web-based networking tool specifically designed to help us get connected, build community, and organize church life. Just so we’re clear, The City is NOT a system […]



Misconceptions about Community Groups

Here at GTBC, we have been blessed immensely by God’s blessing on our small group ministry.  We recently changed the names of the groups to be “Community Groups.”  We did this because it was just a natural progression that we’re seeing in our church;  real community among believers is being built and nurtured and is […]