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The Fall

This is not a post on the Fall mentioned in Genesis that has nature-changing ramifications for all humanity, but rather on the season that comes in most parts of America around late September early October.  Fall is upon us.  That’s right, the leaves are changing, the air is crisp, sweaters are appearing, and football is […]



“Good gifts” defined

A few weeks ago I preached on James 1:13-18 which includes the probably familiar statement: “Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above…”. I think we’re often left wondering what is included in those good gifts — whether or not our present circumstances qualify as God’s good gifts — and I mentioned in […]



Thoughts on Labor Day

“Just another day in paradise.”  This is often the phrase that my co-workers and customers reply with when I ask them how their day is going.  Your typical worker today looks forward to the weekend like an 8 year old does to Christmas.  We know we have to work to provide for our families, and […]



The church as God’s family

(Part 2 of 3) The church isn’t defined by what we want it to be or what others think it should be. Instead, the church is what God has defined it to be.  In Part 1 we saw how God brings strangers together in one body to be His people, creating a new primary ethnicity […]



The church as God’s people

(Part 1 of 3)These thoughts were part of a sermon prepared for our membership testimony service on July 11th.  As there was limited time after hearing the six powerful testimonies of God’s grace, I felt it appropriate to abbreviate the message that day and turn the message into a “series” of blog posts.  I pray […]



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