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Bunyan’s Grace Abounding

I love hearing people talk about coming to faith in Christ. For example, simply learning what verses were helpful in understanding their need and provision of grace through Jesus helps me to be encouraged in my own salvation and provides helpful tools for talking to others about my Savior. So it shouldn’t be a surprise […]



Never Forget

Those of us who are old enough to remember the events of September 11, 2001 know exactly where we were. I was in my sophomore year at college working the front desk when someone called to see if we had heard the news. At first it was very surreal, and then after a day or […]



Men’s Retreat 2011 – “The Fight of Faith”

As one of the nine men from Grace & Truth that joined Living Water Community Church and Emmaus Church at this past weekend’s men’s retreat, I can testify that God really used this as a time of spiritual refreshment and fellowship. (I was also going to speak of the physical refreshment, but I returned both […]



On Mother’s Day

(I shared the following today during our worship gathering, and mentioned that I would link to another blog post. I pray that everyone who reads this — mothers or not, women and men — are able to apply the truth of the Gospel to where God has placed you.) Today is an opportune time for […]



Why God’s Love Is Better Than “Unconditional”

I needed this post the other day. I needed to be reminded of the great love Jesus has for us. He did not love us when we were in a state of being morally neutral, but He loved us in a state of morally wicked (Gen 6:5). He loved us in spite of us and […]



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