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Bunyan’s Grace Abounding

I love hearing people talk about coming to faith in Christ. For example, simply learning what verses were helpful in understanding their need and provision of grace through Jesus helps me to be encouraged in my own salvation and provides helpful tools for talking to others about my Savior. So it shouldn’t be a surprise […]



What I’ve Been Reading 11May2012

What I’ve Been Reading:  Background and Purpose of Classical Education The title of this article is a bit more slanted than I’d prefer.  Full disclosure; we believe in Classical education but wouldn’t say that it’s “Education, the way God intended it to be (and all the rest of you are sinning)”. Church Membership as Submission:  Discussing […]



This Momentary Marriage

Video on Vimeo This is a wonderful story of a couple who get it. They love Christ and they seek contentment in knowing him and not comforts and ease. Watch this story thanking God for people like this who rebuke us and point us not to be like them, but who show us a beautiful […]




What I’ve Been Reading

Things I’ve read recently: Owen Strachan on Francis Chan’s recent comments on “Gathering as a church” vs. “being on mission”.  I find these false dichotomies to be manipulative, singularly unhelpful, and unbiblical. 9Marks Blog on Complementarianism, or rather, Common ways that we might sin as we embrace Complementarianism.  Mostly for guys. ” I also see a […]



Waiting is hard

There. I said it. And if you, like me, are waiting for something (and you probably are), then you’ve surely thought it too. As Loraena and I approach 2 years of waiting for progress in our current adoption, we feel like we’ve experienced waiting. But some of you have probably waited much longer. I’m but […]



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