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Scripture Reading for this Sunday

This Sunday our text to cover will be Genesis 42-45. This is not only a lot of information to cover, but it is also too much to be read in one worship service. I am asking for you, church body, if you can read these 4 chapters before Sunday. I think this would be a […]



From the Blogosphere: Don’t Provoke Your Teens

tap tap tap…is this thing on? I realize that we haven’t posted anything for a while here on the blog, so this is an attempted reentry.  Sometimes I feel like I shouldn’t post anything unless I add a lot of commentary to it or make it original.  That formula produces not-so-much in the way of […]



Micro-managing a Marriage

What is the impact to a marriage when one partner micro-manages the other?   What does it communicate to our spouse and our children? This blog article by Pastor Bob Bixby was a convicting read for me this weekend. Here’s an excerpt: I marvel at the control-freakishness of men who dictate the details of their wives’ […]



Why God’s Love Is Better Than “Unconditional”

I needed this post the other day. I needed to be reminded of the great love Jesus has for us. He did not love us when we were in a state of being morally neutral, but He loved us in a state of morally wicked (Gen 6:5). He loved us in spite of us and […]



Bible Reading Plans

I know that many of us begin a new year with goals and resolutions; and I pray that your growth in God through His Word is one of those.  I hope that we all have started or plan to start later today a plan for reading through the Scriptures, not at all out of duty […]



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