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Calvin: “And God Remembered Noah”

In the message on Sunday, Feb 6, 2011 titled “Flood of Contrasts”, we talked about Genesis 8:1.  The text says that as the ark floated upon the waters that “God remembered Noah.”   This didn’t mean that God had forgotten about Noah.  I found this passage from John Calvin’s Commentary on Genesis 1 (available on […]



Gen 3:16; “Your desire shall be for your husband”

On January 16, we preached through Genesis 3.  (Unfortunately, we had technical difficulties with that recording and we’re unable to post the sermon.)  In that message and in our community groups that week, many of us discussed the results of the fall and the implications to the serpent, the woman and the man. If I […]



Video from Oct 3 message–”James 3: A Story”

In the message on October 3, 2010, “Teachers and the Tongue”, we showed a short video clip to illustrate James 3:9-12. “With it we bless our Lord and Father, and with it we curse people who are made in the likeness of God. From the same mouth come blessing and cursing. My brothers,  these things […]



Thoughts on Labor Day

“Just another day in paradise.”  This is often the phrase that my co-workers and customers reply with when I ask them how their day is going.  Your typical worker today looks forward to the weekend like an 8 year old does to Christmas.  We know we have to work to provide for our families, and […]



Caring for Widows (James 1:27)

It was good to hear the message that God gave to Josh this past Sunday.  He spoke from the text in James 1:22-27 with a message entitled “Authentic Christians.”  You can find the message here. This morning, I came across a blog dedicated to “Practical Shepherding” for pastors.  It’s very helpful and a recent post […]



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