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From the Blogosphere: Don’t Provoke Your Teens

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I realize that we haven’t posted anything for a while here on the blog, so this is an attempted reentry.  Sometimes I feel like I shouldn’t post anything unless I add a lot of commentary to it or make it original.  That formula produces not-so-much in the way of posting.  So I’m going to try to get in the habit of just reposting stuff that I like or stuff that makes me think, or even stuff I don’t like.  And I’ll try to do original stuff, occasionally.
This, below is “stuff I like”, but also “stuff I don’t like” because I think I can tend towards being guilty of what Piper/Lewis are describing.


From John Piper on, where he quotes from CS Lewis:

Don’t Provoke Your Teenage Children to Anger.

Example of things that parents do to provoke their kids:

“Dogmatic assertions on matters which the children understand and their elders don’t, ruthless interruptions, flat contradictions, ridicule of things the young take seriously..”


Read it here.