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Gospel Coalition 2011: Recommended messages

This will be a short post;  I figure if I keep on waiting for the perfect blog post to form, I’ll never post it.  So bear with me please (as you do so lovingly, GTBC family).

In mid-April, Lisa and I were able to go to the Gospel Coalition National Conference in Chicago.  The theme was “‘They Testify About Me:’  Preaching Jesus and the Gospel from the Old Testament.”  This theme was very appropriate given our current study in Genesis.

In one of the first plenary sessions, Pastor Tim Keller said that these messages were two-fold in purpose.  One: to show us (mostly pastors) HOW to properly preach Christ from the entire Bible and Two:  To preach to us and minister to us through the Word.  Not exclusively instructive, although the conference was definitely instructive.  And also not meant to depress pastors by having us think “I could never do that.”

By God’s grace, the conference met both purposes.  It was good to see how to handle Scripture properly but it was soul-feeding good to see Jesus and the gospel presented in a faithful manner.

So here are the messages that I enjoyed the most.  I won’t go into the reasons, but if you’re looking for a place to start, you might try watching/listening to these.  In no particular order:

“Getting Out” from Exodus 14 by Tim Keller

Getting Out – Tim Keller – TGC 2011 from The Gospel Coalition on Vimeo.

And although I almost skipped this session, “Not According to Our Sins” by James MacDonald.

Not According To Our Sins – James MacDonald – TGC 2011 from The Gospel Coalition on Vimeo.

“Getting Excited about Melchizedek” by Don Carson.  GTBC family should enjoy this message as we’re going through Genesis right now.  All joking aside about the title, the message definitely brought us to Christ in a great way.  This unique, often forgotten character in Genesis brings a lot of gospel to the table.

Getting Excited About Melchizedek – Don Carson – TGC 2011 from The Gospel Coalition on Vimeo.

I also enjoyed hearing Alistair Begg and Matt Chandler’s messages.  Good to see these men in person.