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Men’s Retreat 2011 – “The Fight of Faith”

As one of the nine men from Grace & Truth that joined Living Water Community Church and Emmaus Church at this past weekend’s men’s retreat, I can testify that God really used this as a time of spiritual refreshment and fellowship. (I was also going to speak of the physical refreshment, but I returned both sore from playing midnight basketball and a few pounds heavier from the hearty meals and abundant snack food.)

Brian Borgman, pastor of Grace Community Church of Minden, Nevada and author of the book Feelings and Faith, brought the Word four times on the subject, “The Fight of Faith: Battling the Enemy Within.” The links to download or stream the messages are below, and I would highly recommend them for every believer, man or woman, as a much-needed, Gospel-centered strategy for battling the flesh.

Session #1 – The Battle of Peace and War

Session #2 – The Weapons of our Warfare

Session #3 – Battle Strategies for Anger

Session #4 – Battle Strategies for Lust