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Misconceptions about Community Groups

Here at GTBC, we have been blessed immensely by God’s blessing on our small group ministry.  We recently changed the names of the groups to be “Community Groups.”  We did this because it was just a natural progression that we’re seeing in our church;  real community among believers is being built and nurtured and is growing for the edification of the overall body.

We meet once a week in a corporate worship gathering (3PM Sunday afternoon at 5170 NW Five Oaks Dr, Hillsboro at the ChristChurch building off Cornelius Pass Rd.  Be there!).  We also meet once a week in homes for fellowship, study, discussion and ministry to each other in our Community Groups.  We have three groups that currently meet, led by:

  • Chad and Sarah Asire
  • Stephen and Sarah Kate Branine
  • Josh and Loraena Tuttle

For me personally, this Community Group time is very important to my own personal growth as a believer.  I’d venture to say that it’s almost as important to me as our corporate gathering.  I’d venture further to say that maybe it’s equally important…well, I can’t really separate the two.  Without the public proclamation of God’s Word, the CG time would be less meaningful.  But with the CG study time together with other believers, the preaching would probably take less root in my life.  They go together.

I know there are some reading who may not attend a group.  Without putting a guilt trip on you, without saying YOU HAVE TO ATTEND, and without seeming like I don’t care if you attend, let me say, “You should attend a group.”  I say that in the same way I’d say, “You have to take a bite of this cake.” or “You gotta watch this Duke basketball highlight,” or “I really need your advice on this.”  We need you.  You need a group.  We need to hear how God has led you, not only the last few days but through your life.  We need to know you better so that we can minister to you and we need you to know us better so you can minister to us.

All that to say this;  I know there are some misconceptions about groups.  We’re no experts on this.  We’ve been meeting for almost 2 years in this small group setting and we’ve changed a lot of what we do.  We’ll keep on changing as God leads.  But I’m going to start a list of things that are NOT true about Community Groups at GTBC.   Maybe by defining what Groups AREN’T, we’ll see what Community Groups ARE.

  1. You have to speak/answer questions or share your thoughts when called upon.
  2. You have to start a “transparent, accountability relationship” with someone that you don’t know so well.  Or someone who thinks they know you but they really don’t.
  3. You have to bring an awesome snack that needs to be better than last week’s snack.
  4. You have to be happy and victorious and awesome-rah-rah-being a Christian is great when you come to group.
  5. You have to be able to say something deep and profound.  And spiritual.  And original.
  6. You have to change out of your work clothes before you come.
  7. You have to know correct terminology.   (Don’t even come if you don’t know what theonomy, supralapsarianism or eschatalogical mean!….I had to look up some of those words to come up with this example)
  8. You have to be married, have kids and homeschool those kids.  And you need to leave those kids at home.

For those of you who have been involved in Community Groups, what other misconceptions did you have about groups before you started attending?  Help me out; fill in the comments below with your thoughts.