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What I’ve Been Reading 25May2012


What I’ve Been Reading 18May2012


  • Believe In Jesus And Drink Fermented Cod Liver Oil And You Will Have Eternal Life;  The title was too good to modify.  In this day of special diets, lifestyles and nutritional choices, this is a good word of warning on some consequences of becoming fixated on this part of our lives.
    “Finding out which foods are “good” and which foods are “bad” can take a tremendous amount of time and energy. We need to be careful that the search for optimal health doesn’t consume so much of our time that we neglect the weightier matters of life”
  • Don’t Sacrifice Family on the Altar of Ministry; Don’t Idolize Family to the Neglect of Ministry
    “What if, instead of bristling at the inherent tensions between our ministries in our families and ministries in the church, we embraced the fact that this is a healthy tension? Indeed, there are many situations when doing God’s will involves tension.”
  • Fashion Advice for Pastors  Not a parody site.  Really.  Sometimes, evangelicals like us can focus on the wrong things. It’s good to mock ourselves about the homogeneity of appearance and packaging.   The Gospel Coalition weighs in on this site, too.
    Note:  This link not at all intended to ridicule the fashionable elders that I serve with at GTBC.  I am thankful that I can feel comfortable dressing like a middle-aged engineer as you guys buy your cool stuff at the Buckle. I realize that I bought my jeans when you guys were entering college.  Now where'd I leave my reading glasses...
  • Marriage is to be between One Man and One Woman
    The same Bible that defines marriage as between one man and one woman, the same Bible that states clearly (in both the Old and New Testaments) that homosexual practice is sin, also states that for me to hold “antipathy, contempt, prejudice, aversion, or irrational fear” toward another person created in the image of God is sin. (Emphasis added)
  • Take that, tea drinkers!  (now, quickly run to the Google machine and search on “why tea is better than coffee” and you’ll no doubt find scientific studies to support your position.)



Sermon notes: May 13, 2012


A GTBC study through Matthew 5-7Title: What Love Is

Text: Matthew 5:43-48

Overview: Jesus calls His disciples to a distinctive, supernatural, liberally-extended love (even to enemies), rather than an ordinary, natural, selfishly-limited love (to people who love us). This love He both wonderfully demonstrates and powerfully enables in the Gospel!

1 critical error: unbiblical love

2 oxymoronic commands: Christian love

3 massive truths: the Father’s love

4 rhetorical questions: distinctive love

11 grace-filled words: supernatural love



What I’ve Been Reading 11May2012

What I’ve Been Reading:

  •  Background and Purpose of Classical Education The title of this article is a bit more slanted than I’d prefer.  Full disclosure; we believe in Classical education but wouldn’t say that it’s “Education, the way God intended it to be (and all the rest of you are sinning)”.
  • Church Membership as Submission:  Discussing the unfamiliar and perhaps unpopular terminology of “submission” in the setting of church membership
  • Christ-Centered Motherhood:  “So for all the warnings NOT to become child-centered, or to have child-centered homes, we end up advising parents in ways that in actuality produce a certain child-centeredness….Make your lives revolve around Christ, not your children.”
  • The Story of Ian and Larissa:  I’m enough of a curmudgeon that I avoid viral videos.  After all, if everyone likes a video, then I probably won’t like it because I’m not like everyone else (See: Pride, haughtiness, big fall coming)  But I finally watched this video this week  and it was very moving.  It’s not about loving God because He has spared me from the trial of Ian and Larissa.  But it is a beautiful picture and reminder that God is good.  And sometimes that good is different than my idea of good.  So I highly recommend that you watch this video from Desiring God. And I’ll try to keep up better with the cutting edge of the interwebs.
  • Don’t overpersonalize disobedience. “A parent who takes her child’s disobedience personally risks reinforcing not only her child’s emotional immaturity, but her own as well.”

This Momentary Marriage

Video on Vimeo

This is a wonderful story of a couple who get it. They love Christ and they seek contentment in knowing him and not comforts and ease. Watch this story thanking God for people like this who rebuke us and point us not to be like them, but who show us a beautiful Savior. As Ian states, “God is awesome!”

The book they reference “this momentary marriage” by John Piper is available free in a PDF format here.

(ps I will say you might need some tissues close by or think of a better excuse than a dusty room:)



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