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Waiting for new posts is hard too

Greetings, blog readers! (if you’re still out there…)

I just wanted to take a quick minute to point out the obvious (we haven’t posted to the blog in a very long time) and mention that we haven’t forgotten about you. In fact, this might be a good teaching moment since now you’ve recently experienced the point of the last post — you now recall (as if you had forgotten) what it feels like to wait!

<<crickets chirping>>

Okay, that was about as lame as I expected it would be… Sorry.

Maybe I’ll use this as a polling opportunity instead, and ask whoever’s reading what you’d like to see on this blog when you open it or catch it in your reader. What are you most interested in hearing about?? Leave a comment below with one (or more) of these options, or something else entirely:

  • Book reviews
  • Links to other blogs we’re reading
  • Church activities/updates
  • Additional resources related to our current sermon study
  • Music/media reviews
  • Comments on current events
  • Biblical studies of a passage/verse
  • Other…

Let’s continue praying for our church and for God to be leading and empowering our every step. To Him be all the glory through Jesus!