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What I’ve Been Reading 11May2012

What I’ve Been Reading:

  •  Background and Purpose of Classical Education The title of this article is a bit more slanted than I’d prefer.  Full disclosure; we believe in Classical education but wouldn’t say that it’s “Education, the way God intended it to be (and all the rest of you are sinning)”.
  • Church Membership as Submission:  Discussing the unfamiliar and perhaps unpopular terminology of “submission” in the setting of church membership
  • Christ-Centered Motherhood:  “So for all the warnings NOT to become child-centered, or to have child-centered homes, we end up advising parents in ways that in actuality produce a certain child-centeredness….Make your lives revolve around Christ, not your children.”
  • The Story of Ian and Larissa:  I’m enough of a curmudgeon that I avoid viral videos.  After all, if everyone likes a video, then I probably won’t like it because I’m not like everyone else (See: Pride, haughtiness, big fall coming)  But I finally watched this video this week  and it was very moving.  It’s not about loving God because He has spared me from the trial of Ian and Larissa.  But it is a beautiful picture and reminder that God is good.  And sometimes that good is different than my idea of good.  So I highly recommend that you watch this video from Desiring God. And I’ll try to keep up better with the cutting edge of the interwebs.
  • Don’t overpersonalize disobedience. “A parent who takes her child’s disobedience personally risks reinforcing not only her child’s emotional immaturity, but her own as well.”