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Why study theology?

Tomorrow morning the men of Grace & Truth (and any other man who might read this blog and like to join us) are gathering together to study Wayne Grudem’s Systematic Theology.  I have been looking forward to this for quite some time now, and I have been praying that God would use this to deepen our knowledge of God, grow us in our love for Jesus, and make us hungrier to know Him.  We are starting tomorrow’s study with chapter 26 “The Person of Christ,” and so I thought I would add a few quotes from Grudem’s introduction which give us the “why” and the “how” for studying systematic theology.

“The basic reason for studying systematic theology, then, is that it enables us to teach ourselves and others what the whole Bible says, thus fulfilling the second part of the Great Commission.” (p 27-28)

“The study of theology is not merely a theoretical exercise of the intellect.  It is a study of the living God, and of the wonders of all his works in creation and redemption.  We cannot study this subject dispassionately!” (p 37)

Grudem gives three benefits to studying theology: first, “studying theology helps us overcome our wrong ideas“; second, “studying systematic theology helps us to be able to make better decisions later on new questions of doctrine that may arise”; and thirdly, “studying systematic theology will help us grow as Christians.” (p 28-29 italics his)

Grudem ends his introduction with biblical guidelines for how to study theology: with prayer, with humility, with reason, with help from others, by collecting and understanding all the relevant passages of Scripture on any topic, and with rejoicing and praise.  (p 32-37)

Join with me in praying that God would greatly use this time of study in theology to strengthen the men who attend in their love and knowledge of God and His word, and also to empower us to spread this good news of the gospel of Jesus to those who are outside of Christ.

[Email me at if you would like to attend but do not know what time or the location where we are meeting.]